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“How Does It Get Better Than This?”



Founded in 2017 with 33 years of sectorial experience, Capone Outfitters has shown a great development in a short time and now has franchise stores in 12 different countries, such as Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Puerto Rico and Algeria. With micro exports to 110 different countries, it continues to increase its brand recognition abroad with firm steps.



As Capone, we care that our work contributes to society and we always keep our doors open to diversity and equality. For this reason, we pay attention that all the materials used in our products are sustainable and suitable for upcycling.



Our company motto is "How Does It Get Better Than This?" We summarize this motto that we aim to create a dynamic corporate structure for the future by constantly improving ourselves in every work and action we do. Our goal is to reach more consumers in changing conditions with innovative products and applications and to increase our share in the world market by providing this dynamic structure.


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Our Values


  • Trust: Trusting each other, trusting the work we do, our customers and manufacturers’ trusts for us.
  • Communication and Collaboration: Non-hierarchical, solution-oriented, time-efficient, ease of access to information
  • Elaboration: Doing the jobs that we can embrace and feel comfortable with
  • Responsibility: Being aware of the responsibility of our work quality
  • Happiness: A working environment and business model where everyone can be happy, starting from our employees to the manufacturer and to the customer
  • Dynamism: The ability to adapt to changing conditions, quickly and systematically
  • Honesty and Sincerity: To be sincere and honest in our relationships in all conditions
  • Innovation:  Adding value to our work by adopting the motto "How Does It Get Better Than This?"






Why Choose Us


“ Sit back and enjoy the quality of service “


Customer Service Oriented Manner of Work


Minimum Quantity Advantage per Color in Production


"Made in Turkey" Brand Value


Superior Product Quality







“Fashion For Everyone”




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